The Nyora Cricket Club has an ongoing commitment to responsible alcohol management and currently holds a level three accreditation under the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program.

The Good Sports program aims to make clubs more responsible with theirmanagement of alcohol.

As part of Good Sports accreditation, we will develop policies around responsible alcohol management, including the sale of low alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.  Our facilities will be recognized as Smoke Free and we will develop safe transport strategies to ensure our members get home safely. Food will be provided when serving alcohol and the emphasis of player awards, fundraising, functions and prizes will not be alcohol.

We are confident our efforts will continue to improve the environment at the Nyora Cricket Club. We are working to ensure the club is a great place to play and socialise for all members of our community.

The club will be regularly monitored to ensure we comply with the program, this is the responsibility of all our members to make sure we do the right thing while we're enjoying ourselves and having fun.

The Good Sports program is supported by Vic Health, TAC and the AlcoholEducation Rehabilitation Foundation. It was developed following research conducted by the Australian Drug Foundation that showed by introducing responsible alcohol management policies, clubs were able to improve membership,morale and enhance viability.