Senior Selection Policy


Selection decisions can be difficult at times.  Nyora Cricket Club Committee of Management supports an open and fair process for the selection of teams.


To promote transparency and to minimise misunderstandings.

To ensure players are selected on their performance, commitment, values and behaviour, not personal characteristics or        attributes.


1.  Selection Committee

There will be a Selection Committee consisting of the Senior Coach and the Captain of each team.

The Selection Committee will make fair and unbiased decisions based on the Selection Criteria.  In the event of a tied vote, the Senior Coach will have the casting vote.

2.  Selection Criteria

·  Ability and Form

·  Team Balance

·  Training Performance and Attendance

·  Club Commitment, Behaviour and Availability

·  Fitness to Compete (If any injury inhibits a player from completing training or a game a medical certificate must be submitted before player can be selected after recovery)

·  Must be a Financial Member of the Club (Fully Paid or Up to Date with Payments) and have clearance from previous club.

·  Players will not be eligible for Finals Selection if Membership Fees and Club Debts are not paid in full

3. The Selection Committee will balance the Selection Criteria to the best of their ability.  Any player may request an explanation of selection decisions from his Captain or Senior Coach.   The Selection Committee will inform any player who is dropped from a team, of the reasons for the decision, preferably prior to announcement of the teams.

4. Players are members of the club, and are not tied to a particular team.  Players (other than Captains or Vice Captains) without a reasonable reason  will be available  for any team playing on the day for which the are available.

5. Teams will be selected in order from firsts to thirds

6. Players are expected to attend Thursday trainings whenever possible.  Anyone with an inflexible commitment (such as work) is expected to discuss with Senior Coach and determine alternative arrangements.  Where two players meet the other selection criteria, a player with a better training record will be preferred.  Please inform your Captain or Senior Coach if you are unable to train in any week.

7. Thursday nights will be the official announcement of teams, the will be posted on Facebook by Friday afternoon.