Stepping up into the coaches role in season 2016/17, Brent brings over 25 years of cricketing experience into the fold, including time in operational and leadership roles. In that time he has built an extensive depth of knowledge both, technically and tactically  and is pretty keen to pass this on to our players, especially through mentoring our younger up and coming junior players.


     Brent joined NCC last year from South Yarra CC after moving to the area from Baxter. During the past year Brent has shown a strength of character both on and off the field that is exactly what Nyora CC needs to move forward and grow our great little club. Everyone without a doubt will find Brent as I have, to be a warm approachable bloke who takes the time to really listen to what someone has to say. Brent conducts himself in such a manner that automatically fosters respect from his peers. It's even really hard to hold the fact that he is a born & bred Kiwi against him.

Quote from Brent :

" One of my visions for the season is to develop a culture where we strive to field the best 11 players in the senior side each and every week. We need this in order to develop into strong and successful cricket club which can only lead to a positive outlook for the future "

CAREER STATS (from 2006- 2016)

Bowling     M    O       M     R       W     BBI    AVE      STK
                 94   877   147  2761   109   3/7    24.83   47.36

Batting       IN   NO's   100    50   Duck   HS     AGG    AVE
                  89   15         1       4    12      105    1250    14.98


Q & A

1. What is your most memorable cricket moment ?
                                                                                     "watching my dad hit 226 not out in New Zealand"
2. What is your biggest cricket stuff up?
                                                                                    "playing in a rep tournament as a 13/14 yo with score of 00010"
3. What is your biggest cricket achievement ?
                                                                                     "105 opening partnership at South Yarra"
4. Who is your favorite international player?
                                                                                      " Sir Richard Hadley"
5. What is your favorite?
                                            Movie - "Snatch"
                                            Drink - "Bundy"
                                            Food - " Medium Rare Scotch Fillet & Home made Lasagna"
                                            Colour - "Green"
6. Do you class yourself as a batsman, bowler or all rounder ?
                                                                                   "a bowler who tries to bat a bit"




                          "Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn"........

Last year was very interesting for me. It consisted of a new house, new job, new studies, new community, new lifestyle, new challenges and a new cricket club.  There are certain times in life when you just know you have made the right decision, and playing cricket at Nyora was one of them.

What a ripper little club.  Great ground, great facilities (about to get even better with the new nets going in), bloody good bar, fantastic support from the committee, the local helpers and supporters and an awesome bunch of cricketers who a love this marvellous game called cricket.  I have taken on the coaching role this year because I believe I can make a difference. Last year we had a good season. Two teams making the finals and our first XI knocking off some very handy opponents and only missing finals by a couple of games.  This year I want to go one better, and I really believe we can.  We have the players, the support of the club and the belief. Cricket is a game that has always, and should always be played "in the correct spirit of the game" and this is something that I want to push this year. I want to be successful and I definitely want to have fun along the way, but I also want 'Nyora' to be a club that the rest of our opponents enjoy playing against.  I want to see players upgrade their skills and knowledge of the game.

I want to feel a sense of achievement at the end of the season, that everybody who took to the field during the summer gave it 200%, played the game in the right spirit and enjoyed every moment of it.  Sure there are going to be some dropped catches, some ducks, some wide balls( and some very wide balls ), and some dodgy LBW decisions, but as long as we look out for each other and stay positive both on and off the field we will have very enjoyable season.

We gave a great little club here. Let's stick together, all help out where we can, be honest, play hard, look after your team mates and enjoy ourselves we will have a successful season. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Any on field, off field, club, team, captain issues or concerns, do not hesitate to call or pull me aside down the club for a chat. Remember I am here for you, as you are for me.

Thank you for your time, looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible down at indoor pre season.

"Talent wins games but     Teamwork wins flags"